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I See You

Attention silent observers watching and listening from afar. Longing for connection and validation for someone to see YOU without judgement. Waiting for the “right”time for your turn to be heard and to unfold all of your layers of darkness and light. To those approaching with curiosity and caution, know this…I SEE YOU.

I listen to your questions and I see your armor. I feel your fear of being abandoned or turned away if someone knows your story. Know this…I SEE YOU.

When you stand before me taking glances of portraits others have done for their healing, measuring my integrity and truth…I SEE YOU.

What you haven’t yet realized as you bravely step forward to question my intentions is that you have unknowingly begun your journey of self-acceptance. There is a voice inside each of you yelling from the depths of your soul, “I am enough! I too am worthy of my own healing. I deserve to honor my SELF and all that I have endured, overcome and am at this very moment.”

I see the look of shock as your stories begin spilling over as we speak never intending to share so much. I see the chills of confirmation as they run up your arms. I see your desire to be heard in the tears that shimmer in your eyes as I explain my purpose.

I see you because you too are my reflection.

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