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My intention is to gift you with a unique, empowering and revealing experience that honors and validates both the light and the dark of your healing journey. Healing portraiture is truly one-of-a-kind because I meet you where you are in your healing process and provide you with beautiful artistic portraits that document the progress you are making in your transformation of self-awareness and acceptance.  


No judgements, no expectations, no right or wrong; just simply YOU.

Articles & Recognitions:
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I once heard someone say, "Make what you most need to find" and so, it was during my own personal journey of healing and self-acceptance that healing portraiture and Soul Print Photography was born.

For as long as I can remember I have always had a camera in my hand. It was my constant, my memory, and an extension of myself. What I could not put into words I expressed through images that eventually documented  and revealed my own story of survival and overcoming.


As a child, I grew up in upstate New York near the Catskills. My childhood was simple in that my distractions were mainly wandering in the woods, exploring the land and everything it embodied. It was my safe haven and where I sought refuge and healing. To this day, it remains the same. 


One of the most influential things I discovered as a child was National Geographic magazine. Living in my own part of the world with limited exposure to the rest of it, I was obsessed with the images and stories that NG exposed me too. It was my version of the internet before it existed. I would sit and study the images of people from all over the world, and the rawness of humanity was intoxicating. I saved those magazines for a long time and deep down wanted to one day be able to capture people in much the same way...authentic, compassionate, inspiring and healing. 

Haunted by self-doubt and my own life experiences, I had turned to nature instead as the main subject of my photography. After years, and lots of therapy, I was finally able to remember what truly drew me to photography in the first place....humanity and the documenting of one's life experiences.


Like our fingerprints help physically identify us as individuals, I have come to believe we also have a unique soul print. Certain experiences that we have in our lives affect us so deeply that they leave an imprint on our soul and change us forever. Using photography as part of our healing process, relieves us from words and allows us to just be. Each image, regardless of where you are in your healing process, is a piece of you. There is so much beauty in vulnerability, our humanness, our frailty, as well as our strength. I attempt to capture all of this in images that reveal your growth in all aspects of self in a visual and tangible way. With each image there will be more ownership of your story and you will begin to feel empowered giving voice to your soul print. 

Sometimes we forget how much strength our journey has required of us. How incredible would it be to literally see our growth in images that help remind us of our own power? How often do we truly invest in ourselves and celebrate who we are and who we have become?  

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