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I go to the grave...

I go to the grave to seek answers.

Wisdom from the elders who I can no longer physically see but can still hear.

Crows scream around me bringing messages from beyond.

Shadows are everywhere,

some clinging to any life that walks through

yearning to speak, to be heard... to be seen.

We are not much different in life after death that way.

I sit here waiting for the same.

I sit waiting for truth, peace, answers... to be seen.

I allow the fingertips from beneath where I sit to climb their way up around my body. I allow them to feel warmth again.

To feel love.

They are not forgotten, they are not alone.

I sit here in peace hearing more from the dead than I do the living.

If only more of us were still enough to hear the messages from beyond.

To feel their power and the love that still remains even after centuries of being gone. I can only offer what I came here with... compassion and respect.

I know that is all I could truly ask for in return from one who wishes to visit me

one day in search of the same.

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