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October Shadows

As fall descends forms and light begin to shift. My soul starts to stir, dredging up the shadows of self which collide with the light. An elixir is being concocted. An eye of my demon, a sliver of nail pulled from the inside of the coffin where parts of me have stayed trapped, a follicle of hair pulled during a moment of despair, 5 drops of blood, sweat and tears; a dash of hope that presents itself moments after; and a canine tooth pulled from my wolf spirit for fierceness.

As leaves begin to fall, so too does my armor. Rawness presents itself and wounds begin to breathe. The elixir that has been created is used as an ointment to soothe my wounds. The parts of what almost killed me are now the salve to help save me.

As trees stand bare preparing to brace against the pending storms they will surely endure, so too am I. For with October come shadows. Shadows that do not hide aspects of self but reveal ALL aspects of both light and darkness.

I seek my solace under the intensity of the moon. Nothing can touch me here. In place of the echoes from my armored self, I revel in the blissful silence of the goddess who guides me inward. A new journey of healing, a new chapter of strength, a new mindset of gratitude. With each word of wisdom, more power is present. New shifts are taking place and all that remains is my truth reflected in the October shadows.

As I will, so mote it be.

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