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Each one of us has various versions of our selves- our past, our present and who we are yet to be. Our experiences throughout our lives shape us and create our story. It is up to us to decide which one to tell and how we wish to be seen. The beauty of using photography to heal is that when there are no words for what we have been through, images can speak for us. 


Healing shoots are meant to be very positive, empowering and healing artistic experience. I make every attempt to keep sessions safe and relaxed. I do realize however, that the nature of the shoot can be sensitive and emotional. If you feel that this is a possibility, and in order for you (the client) to continue to feel safe and supported after the shoot. I strongly encourage you to seek out supports, professional or personal, to process your experience. I DO NOT in any way identify myself as a therapist.

  • LOCATIONS: All shoot locations will be held in a safe and sacred space pre-determined by you (the client) and myself.


  • STYLE OF SESSIONS: I have created a variety of sessions for you to choose from in order to achieve your vision for your healing. You (the client) have full control of the session with regard to content, location and whether breaks are needed. It is important to remember that your safety is my first priority and communication is key to making this a special and successful experience for you.

  • CONFIDENTIALITY: All personal information is confidential and will not be released without your consent. Consent will be given by signing a Model Release form. 

  • PHOTOGRAPHIC STYLE: My personal approach to photography is very casual, fun, respectful and non-invasive. I love using natural light in images and very rarely have much more with me than my camera and props. 

  • TIME FRAME OF PHOTO SHOOTS: We will typically spend the first 30 minutes of the session getting comfortable in front of the camera. I will shoot some initial pictures that are more candid in style eventually transitioning into other shots and poses as previously discussed. I understand that there may need to be breaks throughout as they can be emotional. If a session cannot be completed in this timeframe, another session can be arranged without cost. (Please note:  I can only accommodate 1 additional session without cost.  All additional sessions will incur another charge. This will be explained more thoroughly in the Portrait Photography Agreement).​


  • Each shoot will be individualized and tailored using your own vision, beauty and ideas, as well as my artistic input.  I love to hear what elements or vision you want to incorporate into your portrait.  We will then work together to create your piece of art!

Visit Healing Session Packages for more information or fill out my Contact page today to speak with me about the best experience for your transformation.

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